10 Oct 2015

Dear all,

Just wanted you to know that today we are finishing our Serbia ISAPS course and it has been outstanding! Dana and Violeta did a great job. The meeting was a success not only scientifically but socially. Faculty could not have been better sharing all their knowledge with the participants who never left the room! We are grateful with our faculty.

With almost 160 registrants and 14 new members (thanks to Allison and Ivar who did a great job in promoting us during the meeting) we certainly have a positive result of this course and once more show we, ISAPS, are here to serve, this time in Serbia, complying to our ISAPS mission of education in aesthetic plastic surgery.

I really feel lucky to have Dana and Violeta on board, to have them serving our society, ISAPS.

Violeta shined with her great organizational skills and exceptional hosting abilities. She certainly gave everything to make this a big success. Every single detail was taken in account, elegance was protagonist, setting a very high bar for ISAPS courses.

Thank you to all of those involved who made this meeting possible: faculty, registrants, Serbian colleagues, Dana as course director, Violeta as local chair, Violeta's husband, and all the girls involved in the organization.

You certainly made this an unforgettable event for us.

Thank you,

Lina Triana


10 Oct 2015

Dear all

I join Lina in celebrating the great success of the meeting in belgrade. The organization has been perfect and violeta & dana did an outstanding job.

I Also underline the excellent results of two isaps courses (prague and belgrade)  in the same region and in the same weeks.

Isaps certainly showed its strong power and great leadership in education



Dottor Gianluca Campiglio

10 Oct 2015

Dear Violeta , Dear Dana

Congratulations once more for the very successful ISAPS Belgrade Course.I had already expressed my confidence for the success of this course commenting on several concerns related to the proximity of dates of Prague and Belgrade events.

ISAPS and its EC has once more proved its power and leadership in education.

Sincere thanks to all the Belgrade Course team and to the ISAPS Faculty for the outstanding job. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to enjoy this event.

My warm regards to all


Vakis Kontoes Μ.D.,Ph.D

10 Oct 2015

Dear All,

Congratulations to Dana and Violeta for a very successful meeting!

To our faculty I personally thank you for your hard work and volunteer services to ISAPS - you give our mission “Aesthetic Education Worldwide” an enormous value!

Best regards,


Renato Saltz

10 Oct 2015

Congratulations to all!    Esp Lina!    I am so proud to be a part of this wonderful organization.   Long live ISAPS!

Grant Stevens

10 Oct 2015

It was a great pleasure to return to Belgrade, where we saw the beginning of aesthetic surgery, and witness that it has become a major center for medical tourism in plastic surgery.

The course was very well organized under the command of Violeta and Dana. Great faculty, great surgical demonstrations with a perfect surgical team and audio-visual crew.

Congratulations to ISAPS. It is once more fulfilling its objectives.

Best personal regards,

Luiz Toledo

11 Oct 2015

Dear Lina, Dana and Violeta,

Thank you Lina for your excellent description of this course. In addition to what Vakis, Gianluca and Luis already said i would like to stress the friendship and warmth we encountered both among faculty and organisation as well as the attendants. It proves that friendship is one of the biggest assets of ISAPS while providing Aesthetic Education Worldwide. This is where we stand out in comparison to other oganizations. 14 new members must have felt the same way and wanted to belong to us.

Warm regards and thank you again Violeta and Dana

Ivar Van Heijningen

11 Oct 2015

Dear Lina, Dana and Violeta, dear faculty,

Thank you for your outstanding work making the Belgrade course such a success!

ISAPS is all about exemplary servants like you - making Aesthetic Education Worldwide possible and letting ISAPS shine in this part of the world!

Congratulations again.


Kai Schlaudraff

11 Oct 2015

Dear Lina, Dana, Violeta and faculty

Congratulations on another successful ISAPS course and thank you for taking time out of your busy practices to educate our colleagues, both junior and senior


Peter Scott

Chair of NS

11 Oct 2015


I want to reinforce Lina words.

Violeta and Dana were marvelous as hostess and organizers. Impecable!!

To you Violeta and Dana: Thank you and Congratulations!! Extended to yours husbands and all the staff.


Dr.Raul Gonzalez

11 Oct 2015

Violeta, Dana and Lina

Thank for be a part of this successful meeting.



Dr.Ricardo Ribeiro

12 Oct 2015

Dear Violetta and Dana,

I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to you both and your families. Among all the ISAPS Courses that I have attended, yours stands out significantly as a perfect example of what strong willed women can achieve in an organisation. What I understand from the crowd at the gala dinner, Violetta, my dear friend, that you put whole Belgrade to work besides your husband with incredible organisational skills. Apart from the quality of the meeting, I took great pleasure watching everyone around you to take pride in what they are doing. It was a big success.

I feel very lucky to be among this prestigious faculty. Thanks for the kind invitation.

With best wishes,


Dr.Nuri Celik

12 Oct 2015

I really think that all have said all. And I agree with everything was written. Violeta and Dana elected "BATWOMEN" of ISAPS.

Please, girls, do it again!

I want to be in also next time.

Mario Pelle Ceravolo

12 Oct 2015

Dear Dana and Violeta,

I know that both of you worked so hard to prepare the wonderful ISAPS Course.

This is great success and congratulations!!

Both of you are true servants of ISAPS and did a great job for our mission "Aesthetic Education Worldwide".

Thank you so much.

Best regards,


Susumu Takayanagi

ISAPS President

PARTICIPANTS' COMMENTS FROM EU EVALUATION FORMS                                                                                                               

  • I personally would like everything to happen again, with the same and the new speakers, from all around the world! Everything was excellent.  
  • It will be better that Gala dinner was at II night. Everything’s excellent!! Good job! It is not right that you did not allow photography!

  • Imposant Course and organization. Congratulation!

  • Great event with excellent organization, arrangements and helpful team.

  • I would like the future meetings contain more live surgery especially in brest which did not have a good share. I would prefer the coming meetings provide the CD of the lectures and live operation which will help our education when we are back to our homes. Hopefully, speakers stick to the time!

  • The best ISAPS Course!

  • Great event with excellent organization, arrangements and helpful team.

  • Maco (Violeta), thank you!

  • Sve je na visokom nivou. Samo da se nastavi tako in a sledecim kursevima i skupovima. (Everything is on high level. Just to keep it like that in the following courses and events.)

  • Predivno. jedva cekam sledecu godinu.Poljubac Violeti. (Amazing. can’t wait for the next year. kiss to Violeta)

  • Da ste imali kolacice uz kafu bilo bi prijatnje pratiti divna predavanja. (If you had cookies with coffee it would be more pleasant to follow wonderful lectures).

  • Less time for presentation (change from 10 to 20 minutes).

  • Thank you, it was a great meeting!
  • Keep doing excellent job in education of plastic surgeons.

  • Please organize more meetings like this.

  • Everything is excellent!!!                                                                                                                                     

  • The lecturers might to concentrate to the topic not to go so wide. This would help not only watch the time but also get more knowledge in specific field.

  • Better coordination for live surgery, less people in the OR. Better camera angle/head mounted Go Pro camera.

  • As long as no faces are shown in the presentations&live surgeries there is no reason for not to be allowed to take pictures.

  • Big undertaking in live surgery education with four continuous surgeries! Great medical team following with no complications or disruptions for 8 hours of live streaming. High quality picture and excellent transmission! Big job well done!  

  • More time for discussion.

  • A good meeting that can be improved with the following:

    1.The faculty sticking to their stipulated times. This will undoubtedly give time for questions and discussion.

    2. Provide a mobile number/e-mail or both for participants to text/e-mail questions to the panel whilst the talks are ongoing. The panel can then pick the most relevant questions and put them to the speakers.

    3. Move the Gala dinner to the 2nd evening.

    Thank you for a brilliant course.

















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