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My dear colleagues and, most of all, my dear friends,                                               

I owe a sincere gratitude to all of you who have been part of this amazing experience of preparing and hosting 1st Belgrade Official ISAPS Course “Brazilian-European Synergy Reshaping the Body”!

It has been great honor and pleasure of mine to host such an important educational event, and even the greater with such outstanding faculty who made us great honor by coming to Serbia from three different continents! More than 170 participants had opportunity to hear and learn from the wonderful faculty who demonstrated excellent educational skills not only in lecturing but also in performing 4 live surgeries, explaining each and every step and answering live to the questions from participants! And I sincerely thank of all them for that!

The same gratitude goes to our great participants, coming from Serbia and 30 countries more from 5 continents, who recognized this unique opportunity to learn and improve themselves as professionals, and all in the interest of our patients and their safety and satisfaction! Our participants recognized ISAPS as a worldwide authority in education of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery and that they can receive the most complete education in this kind of event.

Although it has been quite challenging event to organize, with 8-hours of live satellite broadcasting, and 55 lectures during 3-days Course, the outstanding support that I had from my family, my Organization Team and Medical Team from “DIONA” Hospital, who were working hard and did a marvelous job, made of all this possible, and I sincerely thank them for that.

I owe special gratitude to my dear Catherine Foss, Dana Jianu, Vakis Kontoes and Lina Triana who trusted me with organization of this event with their support, being the beginner in management of such event and I am delighted that I have justified their support and trust in me.

I also wish to thank everyone for the calls and letters of support and for the kind words of congratulations that we received. Every compliment means a lot to me and my team, as encouragement for the future ventures, but we also appreciate every word of criticism so we could learn and know what to do better.

It is such a pleasure for me and my team to see that all the hard work has resulted in great success and that our colleagues appreciate it!

So once again, on behalf of me, as local Course Director, “DIONA” Medical Team & Belgrade Course Organization Team, THANK YOU!

Violeta Skorobać Ašanin

For the very first time, it happened in Belgrade:                                                                                                                                                                   

ISAPS Official Course took its place on the map of ISAPS events at the beginning of October this year, bringing so much more than expected to all who participated. From many comments during and after the Course, I have heard praising words for scientific program, invited faculty and speakers, organization and hospitality of our hosts.

The idea to organize this Course in Belgrade emerged at the last ISAPS Congress in Rio de Janeiro in 2014, when I first met Dr. Violeta Skorobac Asanin. ISAPS NS Serbia, who was so passionately fighting that, for the first time, Serbia is granted the role of host in the organization of this prestigious event. Her enthusiasm and determination were hard to resist, so I supported this idea with the help of Lina Triana, the Chair of ISAPS EC and support of Catherine Foss, ISAPS Executive Director.  Four women in one place, with the same goal: to organize a successful event, in a new and, three for us, unknown destination. Someone would call it risky, some might have even though it was impossible, but even though it might seem perhaps a bit feministic, we concluded that we can and will do it and since that moment it was doomed to succeed. The official decision was finally made in Rome and there begins our adventure...

After successfully organized and realized work, after the curtain falls down, we tend to forget all the difficulties and dilemmas that inevitably occur in the preparation and organization of such a large gathering. High demands that Violeta and I have imposed to ourselves and to our teams, a significant number of lecturers from Brazil and Europe whom we needed to animate to come to Belgrade, where most of them had never been before, tight and comprehensive schedule of lectures we had envisioned, live surgery with 8 hours of satellite transmission, the sponsors who needed to recognize importance of this Event for the first time, the initial small number of registration of the participants, are just some of the temptations we've been through as Course Directors. But, all the difficulties and hard times vanished on 8 October, when in front of the full Crystal Ballroom of the Hyatt Regency Belgrade we officially opened the Course. Seeing the smiles and the mood of our esteemed colleagues, course participants and other guests, filling the entire space made us realize that we have taken the important first step in the success of our venture.

As you all know, one of the main objectives of ISAPS is to bring together the expertise of well-known specialists from different countries, in order to build a cooperation framework for the development of plastic-aesthetic surgery, but also to know and enjoy different cultures. To fulfill this goal we gathered specialists from 5 continents and 31 countries, top professionals in the field of plastic-aesthetic surgery who joined enthusiastically, as well as many surgeons and young colleagues residents, extremely interested in this particular area, demonstrating the need for continuous education and dialogue. I firmly believe, and it is not just mine humble opinion, that 1st Belgrade Official ISAPS Course “Brazilian European Synergy Reshaping the Body”, completely fulfilled its mission. And even more than that, it created so many new friendships and strengthened the old ones, with everyone's desire to meet and learn together again as soon as possible. That positive atmosphere, good mood and joy passed on to all participants, gaining ISAPS a bunch of new enthusiastic members who are eager to learn and hopefully, some day, will continue with passing their knowledge to generations to come.

This success wouldn't be able without the effort and contribution of each one of you: each and every faculty, speaker and participant who travelled across the oceans and mountains to come, teach us and learn with us. Thanks to those who shared their expertise with all of us; those who trusted us to join this scientific and demonstrative professional journey of important medical and social impact, and those who made it happen- the entire organization staff who did tremendous job making it so easy for us to work smoothly. So, I thank to all of you with my whole heart!

I hope you had a wonderful time in Belgrade and that the Course has been all that you expected it to be. And hopefully, next time we'll do even better!

Sincerely yours,

Dana Jianu

Violeta Skorobac Asanin, Lina Triana, Dana Jianu and Alison Thornberry.... Catherine Foss, we missed you for this picture!




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