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Start time End time Function Program Location/Room
10:00  17:00  Registration   Reception
13:00 13:05 Violeta Skorobać Ašanin Local Course Director - Greeting Crystal Ballroom AB
13:05 13:10 Dana Jianu Course Director - Greeting Crystal Ballroom AB
13:10 13:15 Marijan Novaković President of SRBPRAS - Greeting Crystal Ballroom AB
13:15 13:35 Raul Gonzalez How to do buttocks implants,the xyz method step by step  Crystal Ballroom AB
13:35 13:50 Carlos del Pino Roxo Bodylifting with minimum undermining and associations Crystal Ballroom AB
13:50 14:00 Ricardo Ribeiro Personal approach in lipoabdominoplasty Crystal Ballroom AB
14:00 14:15 Luiz Toledo Body Contour With and Without Dermolipectomy Crystal Ballroom AB
14:15 14:30 Gianluca Campiglio Abdominoplasty: personal technique Crystal Ballroom AB
14:30 14:40 Panos Mantalos How to obtain 6-pack musculature with a simple scarless technique Crystal Ballroom AB
14:40 14:55 Nebojša Rajačić Multiple procedures in patients after massive weight loss – Kuwait experience Crystal Ballroom AB
14:55 15:10 Alberto Di Giuseppe Body contouring with vaser Crystal Ballroom AB
15:10 15:15 Discussion   Crystal Ballroom AB
15:15 15:45 Coffee break   Crystal C and Budva/Beograd
15:45 16:05 Vakis Kontoes Breast surgery. Touching the female symbol. An algorithm of knowledge and Greek Philosophy" Crystal Ballroom AB
16:05 16:15 Lina Triana Improving our mastopexy with implants cases Crystal Ballroom AB
16:15 16:25 Dana Jianu Breast composite reconstruction (regenerative and implants) - a comparative study with and without reverse expansion  Crystal Ballroom AB
16:25 16:35 Raul Gonzalez Pam method - How to obtain more consistent results with periareolar augmentation mastopexy  Crystal Ballroom AB
16:35 16:45 Nuri Çelik Elevation of the Submammarian Fold: Myth or Reality Crystal Ballroom AB
16:45 16:55 Marijan Novaković Breast augmentation  without draenage Crystal Ballroom AB
16:55 17:05 Gianluca Campiglio  Augmentation mastopexy: principles and strategies Crystal Ballroom AB
17:05 17:15 Carlos del Roxo Pino Mammoplasty after massive weight loss Crystal Ballroom AB
17:15 17:25 Mario Pelle Ceravolo Polyurethane implants: learn how to use them, before it’s too late Crystal Ballroom AB
17:25 17:40 Ivar  Van Heijningen Periareolar augmentation mastopexy with anatomical implants, the double approach Crystal Ballroom AB
17:40 17:50 Siniša Kojić The breast asymmetry Crystal Ballroom AB
17:50 18:00 Alberto Di Giuseppe Breast fat augmentation and stem cells derived from vaser fat contouring Crystal Ballroom AB
18:00 18:15 Discussion   Crystal Ballroom AB
18:30 18:35 Opening Speech 5 min each Crystal C and Budva/Beograd
    Lina Triana Chair ISAPS EC Crystal Ballroom AB
      Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia Crystal Ballroom AB
    Arthur H.V. Nogueira

Charge d'affeires of Brasil

Crystal Ballroom AB

Faculty of Medicine

Crystal Ballroom AB
      City hall of Belgrade Crystal Ballroom AB
19:00 20:00 Welcome Cocktail   Reception Foyer

Start time End time Function Program Location/Room
8:00   OP Theatre I OP Theatre II SPECIAL HOSPITAL "DIONA"
    Patients presentation 1 Patients presentation 2 LIVE SURGERY (Live transmission) Crystal Ballroom AB
    Total body lift in the block - Carlos del Pino Roxo Buttocks augmentation with implants - Raul Gonzalez LIVE SURGERY (Live transmission) Crystal Ballroom AB
    Patients presentation  Patients presentation 3 LIVE SURGERY (Live transmission) Crystal Ballroom AB
  14:15   Lipoabdominoplasty with buttocks fat augmentation - Velibor Bora Kostić LIVE SURGERY (Live transmission) Crystal Ballroom AB
14:15 15:30 Lunch    
15:30 16:30 ROUND TABLE or LECTURES or DEBATE  With 10 min each presentation  Crystal Ballroom AB
16:30 17:30 ROUND TABLE or LECTURES or DEBATE  With 10 min each presentation  Crystal Ballroom AB
20:00   Faculty and NS Dinner    Restaurant "Aero Klub"

Coffee and refreshments are available during the entire session.

Start time End time Function Program Location/Room
9:00 9:20 Ricardo Ribeiro Safe combined procedures for body contouring Crystal Ballroom AB
9:20 9:30 Gianluca Camiglio Tight lift: basic principles Crystal Ballroom AB
9:30 9:45 Carlos del Pino Roxo Sistematization in massive weight loss patients Crystal Ballroom AB
9:45 9:55 Raul Gonzalez The real Brazilian Buttocks lifting, by the first to do it Crystal Ballroom AB
9:55 10:05 Carlos del Pino Roxo Brachioplasty: a simple aproach Crystal Ballroom AB
10:05 10:20 Cemal Senyuva Ultrasonic Liposuction Assisted High Lateral Tension Abdominoplasty Crystal Ballroom AB
10:20 10:30 Velibor Bora Kostić Combine operation: Risks and Benefits Crystal Ballroom AB
10:30 10:40 Nebojša Rajačić Vertical thigh Lift Crystal Ballroom AB
10:40 10:50 Marcos Sforza DVT prophylaxis in abdominoplasties: a holistic approach Crystal Ballroom AB
10:50 11:05 Discussion   Crystal Ballroom AB
11:05 11:30 Coffee break   Crystal C and Budva/Beograd
11:30 11:45 Luis Toledo Brazilian Buttock Technique - A 30 Year Journey Crystal Ballroom AB
11:45 11:55 Ricardo Ribeiro Brazilian buttocks Crystal Ballroom AB
11:55 12:05 Raul Gonzalez When I use implants and when I use fat Crystal Ballroom AB
12:05 12:15 Lina Triana Buttock augmentation: Implant vs lipoinyection  Crystal Ballroom AB
12:15 12:30 Raul Gonzalez Why the intramuscular implant is the only acceptable method to buttocks implants Crystal Ballroom AB
12:30 12:40 Katarina Andjelkov How to cross the bridge between basic science and clinical practice in Stem cell medicine Crystal Ballroom AB
12:40 12:55 Ivar Van Heijningen European Standard for Aesthetic Surgery
Services initiative what does it teach us
Crystal Ballroom AB
12:55 13:10 Dana Jianu Laser, fat tissue, ADSC & PRP - important pillars in regenerative body plastic aesthetic surgery. Personal experience Crystal Ballroom AB
13:10 13:25 Violeta Skorobać Ašanin The basic principles for surviving the fat cells in body reshaping Crystal Ballroom AB
13:25 13:40 Discussion   Crystal Ballroom AB
13:40 15:00 Lunch   Crystal C and Budva/Beograd
15:00 15:10 Violeta Skorobać Ašanin ISAPS Presentation Crystal Ballroom AB
15:10 15:20 Ricardo Ribeiro Precision liposuction Crystal Ballroom AB
15:20 15:30 Lina Triana Vaginal tightening Crystal Ballroom AB
15:30 15:40 Lina Triana Vaginal plastic surgery: Why we should do it Crystal Ballroom AB
15:40 15:50 Raul Gonzalez Gluteal hollows and retractions, diagnosis and treatment Crystal Ballroom AB
15:50 16:00 Cemal Senyuva High Definition Ultrasonic Body Contouring Crystal Ballroom AB
16:00 16:10 Dimitrije Panfilov Vertical lipoplasty Crystal Ballroom AB
16:10 16:20 Velibor Bora Kostić Triangular dermal flap for natural umbilicus appearance Crystal Ballroom AB
16:20 16:30 Discussion   Crystal Ballroom AB
16:30 17:00 Coffee break   Crystal Ballroom AB
17:00 17:10 Ricardo Ribeiro Avoiding complications in mastopexy with implants Crystal C and Budva/Beograd
17:10 17:20 Gianluca Campiglio Augmentation mammaplasty: difficult cases Crystal Ballroom AB
17:20 17:30 Mario Pelle Ceravolo Animation deformities after submuscular breast augmentation: how to avoid it and to treat it Crystal Ballroom AB
17:30 17:40 Raul Gonzalez Periareolar mastopexy to treat small tuberous breast Crystal Ballroom AB
17:40 17:55 Nuri Çelik Double Pillar Technique Applications for Mastopexy Augmentation Patients Crystal Ballroom AB
17:55 18:05 Dana Jianu Plastic regenerative surgery of the breast: aesthetic & reconstructive, fat & ADSCs Crystal Ballroom AB
17:05 18:15 Zlata Janjic / Jelena Nikolic Breast augmentation and BDD Crystal Ballroom AB
18:15 18:25 Horia Șiclovan Versatility of muscle splitting biplane technique associated with internal mastopexy in breast hypoplasia, ptosis and asymmetry Crystal Ballroom AB
18:25 18:35 Mario Pelle Ceravolo Periareolar mastopexy with implants: a good and safe way to do it Crystal Ballroom AB
18:35 18:45 Panos Mantalos New inferiomedial based mammaplasty with "L" scar" Crystal Ballroom AB
18:45 18:55 Discussion   Crystal Ballroom AB
21:00   Gala Dinner    Restaurant  "Kalemegdanska Terasa"

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