Social Program

Welcome Cocktail

Organization Committee is pleased to announce that the Welcome Cocktail will be held in Hyatt Regency Belgrade which offers several of the finest bars and restaurants in Belgrade.

Finest selection of drinks and renowned Chefs of its restaurants will, with their gastronomic magical touches, make sure that you feel more than welcome to Hyatt Hotel and Belgrade. 

Gala Dinner

Kalemegdanska terasa

“Kalemegdanska terasa”, a restaurant with tradition and an oasis of hedonism in the historical core of Belgrade – The Kalemegdan fortress, is a perfect blend of modern and traditional impressions for all senses. 

The special enjoyment in food is the result of Chef’s unique Menu – distilled from his rich experience and containing dishes made of entirely organic groceries. As a perfect accessory to a perfect meal, the Restaurant has a spectacular view over the City and its rivers.

“Kalemegdanska terasa” is the ultimate hedonism with the view. Perfect service and pleasant atmosphere in idyllic surroundings are just a part of a frame in which You will put the memories from this magical and special place.

With a big banquet hall and numerous staff it offers a unique and welcoming impression the guests. Decades of tradition of the restaurant will match up to the event’s tradition. Restaurant’s event coordinator is at disposal during your stay at “Kalemegdanska terasa”. 

Faculty Dinner

Aero Club

Restaurant "Aero Club" is really a special place, in the prime location in the heart of Belgrade, famous for its interior design as much as for gastronomy.

When you step into this restaurant, you enter a whole different world. Glamurous pre-war style, with lots of details, paintings, lamps, painted ceilings, booths surrounded by greenery, represent an urban interpretation of Baroque style.

The very building of Aero Club is the work of architect and pilot Vojin Simeonovic. It was built in the third decade of the 20th century in art-deco style, with a beautiful spiral marble staircase, wrought iron fence and magical stained glass windows.

The restaurant is known for its organization of gala cocktails, promotions, presentations and business meetings. Aero club is an international restaurant, but the main part of the menu consists of dishes close this climate, clear and traditional concepts, with mainly meat in the lead role. Complete gastronomic experience is achieved through a combination of great food and excellent  wine.

Visiting this restaurant is something that you will surely remember.

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