ISAPS Course Organizing Committee has provided 10% discount for all participants and guests of the Course, for elite Belgrade restaurants during the entire Course duration. All restaurants are located in Belgrade downtown, 10 minutes taxi-drive from Hyatt Hotel and cover wide range of preferences, from original Serbian cuisine to continental and Mediterranean.



Menu of Cantina de Frida is based on diverse lively and tasteful meals from Spain and Mediterranean, in small plates (tapas) and large portions, but also offers extended portions excellent for sharing with friends. All meals are prepared with the same idea- It is important to enjoy each bite of the finest food while sipping exciting drinks.


Sakura overlooks the river Sava and Danube, offering something completely new - a sophisticated twist on the traditional Asian style of informal, but flavorsome and modern eating and drinking. The ethos behind Sakura is to deliver an authentic flavor of the east in elegant, yet fun and vibrant way.

The lounge offers a relaxed atmosphere for drinks or a leisurely lunch and dinner open till late, DJs keep the beat well into the night. Sakura bar offers wide range of signature cocktails, to enjoy exclusively in Sakura bar and seize the day and night.

Wine bar numbers more than 1,500 bottles and more than 10 types of wine served by the glass.


Step into a world where everything smells of Italy - where mornings start with caffè macchiato and a romantic evening ending with the famous Italian aperitifs Negroni and Aperol.

Restaurant Duomo, tucked away and warm, in the heart of the city bustle, is a place where one can have a break with a quick business lunch refreshed with good aperitif, or surprise a loved one with the best lingvine and sweeten evening with excellent Italian cakes. With distinctive smells and sounds, one can close the eyes and imagine that is on a holiday in Duomo Piazza Milano.

If you're craving a different food prepared in a finest and specific way, served in a warm and tucked place, then you are at the right address.
The restaurant Nachos daily serves all kinds of nachos, tapas and juicy ribs, as well as hand- made sauces that give a special flavor to the menu.
The perfect combinations of aromas give these specialties a unique and special spirit of Mexico and Texas - known in the world as a Tex-Mex cuisine.
This is one of Belgrade’s hideouts, where you can talk peacefully but also enjoy the incredible flavors that you haven’t had a chance to try elsewhere.

In the distinctive Belgrade ambiance packed with hunter's secrets that, thanks to the displayed rifles and belts, the venison gallery and the choice of colors, resembles a natural forest environment, the guests enjoy a "cup of warm friendly conversation", in an oasis of almost forgotten serenity, satisfaction and enjoyment. "Lovac" offers a relaxed homely atmosphere with hints of bohemia, skilled waiters and the national cuisine, that many consider as one of the best in town - the right measure for the restaurant. One of the biggest and most beautiful restaurant gardens in Vracar neighbourhood, with a thick shade of the old lime tree, is a pleasant ambiance, filled with the taste of food and a rich assortment of drinks.

Particularly proud of the specialty "Charcoal on the table", on which is served mixed meat on a small hot charcoal grill that is brought to the table. Thanks to the long tradition in the preparation of venison in the special dip and the secrets of the chefs, one will definitely enjoy the "Hunter's basket", deer fillet on chestnut puree and homemade hunter's sausages. In addition to venison, it is said that restaurant has the best kebab in town, the best gourmet burger and roast that melts in the mouth. With good food, good drinks are a must - high quality local wines with soda and a large selection of local spirits. Our advice is to finish your dining pleasure with "Tito's cream cake from Bled", "Tufahije" or "Šnenokle". Welcome!


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